Remote Computer Maintenance

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We can maintain your computers from any location.

If you’re having problems with your computer, your first thought may be that you need someone to come into your office and fix your device. But this is not always the quickest or the best option. In many cases, it is easier, faster, and more cost-effective to stay where you are and have one of our professionals at Reliant Data Solutions take care of the issue remotely.

Remote Computer Maintenance

Remote computer maintenance is a way for us to diagnose and troubleshoot computer issues using only an internet connection. When remote access software is installed on your device, a technician from our team can control your computer and complete tasks to optimize the performance and speed of your device. We only perform remote computer maintenance with your permission, and we are always mindful of HIPAA compliance. Remote access simply makes it easier to ensure your practice’s computers are always in proper operating condition.

During the remote computer maintenance process, we can see what’s on your computer screen while also chatting with you about what’s going on. We can also take control of your keyboard and mouse, so you can take care of other tasks while we work. We recommend remote computer maintenance if your computer is running slowly, you are having virus or malware problems, or your device frequently crashes.

Taking care of your tech is easier when you partner with us and our team of technology experts. To learn more about how we can support your medical or dental practice with remote computer maintenance, contact us today.