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Protect your practice’s files with our backup service.

Storing files on a computer is an easy and convenient way to access them. But computers are not immune to issues, and a hardware crash or virus problem can wipe your computer clean or destroy important files. This can be particularly problematic if you store medical or dental records for your patients on your devices.

Backup Service

Feel confident that nothing will ever happen to your practice’s important information by having us at Reliant Data Solutions back up your files. Our backup service is designed to frequently transport your information from one location to another, so you can access it on multiple devices. You do not have to do this manually – with our backup service, we can automate the process so everything you do on any given day is always saved to more than one location. We can also make sure things are set up securely so that HIPAA compliance is strictly maintained.

As part of our backup service, we can recommend which backup solutions we think would be best for your practice. Many practices we work with prefer to store their information on physical servers as well as on the cloud. This provides multiple layers of protection and greater confidence that no information will ever be deleted permanently.

Our backup service is an integral part of protecting your practice’s information and the best interests of your patients. We would be happy to tell you more about what backing up your files looks like and how the process works. Contact us today to set up a consultation with a member of our team.