Data Backup

Back up your data to prevent major losses of information.

What would happen to your practice if a critical computer crashed tomorrow? Data backup and recovery services are a critical component to any technology strategy today.

Data Backup

At Reliant Data Solutions, we can provide solutions that completely automate data backups. Let us provide you with continuous, reliable protection for your data and your business. Currently, we work with dental practices and organizations in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina to keep their data protected and compliant.

Our process is to first back your data up to either a local server or an external drive. These local backup options offer quick restoration capabilities. Unfortunately, these data backup solutions also suffer from the same risks as your normal computer does, including theft, accidental erasure, malware, and hardware failure.

As part of a layered data backup approach, we also back up your data to the cloud. There are many cloud backup providers available, and when you store your data on one of these systems, the entirety of your practice’s information will be copied via the internet to remote servers at locations throughout the country. One of the main benefits of storing your data on the cloud is that you can access your information from any place and easily restore it with just a click or two.  It also prevents direct attacks from viruses and ransomware. All of our backup services are HIPAA-compliant and encrypted for security.

We make data backup easy, and we can introduce you to all your options for onsite and cloud data storage. Contact us to find out more about your options today.


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