HIPAA Tech Support

Our team offers high-quality HIPAA tech support services to help you protect your patients’ data.

In our experience here at Reliant Data Solutions, many people think of the dental and medical industries as separate, when in fact they are closely related and must abide by most of the same rules. For example, both general medical care providers and dental care providers must abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires medical and dental professionals to keep their patients’ information strictly confidential.

HIPAA Tech Support

HIPAA has extensive rules for how patient data can be stored, managed, and shared with other medical professionals, and it can be difficult to keep your system compliant with all these regulations on your own. Fortunately, our team offers high-quality HIPAA tech support services to help you keep your dental practice’s computers, servers, and data completely secure.

We have been working with dental professionals for many years, and we are thoroughly familiar with both HIPAA requirements and the demands of the dental profession. Our team can provide the security software and regular maintenance you need to ensure your patients’ data remains safe from hackers, and we can also provide advice on best practices to help you prevent user error. You can count on our experts to provide the high-quality HIPAA tech support you need to keep your practice compliant with these regulations.

Our team is proud to serve the dental industry, and we want to help you keep your practice HIPAA compliant. If you are interested in our HIPAA tech support services, we encourage you to give us a call to find out how to get started.