Our Top 5 Tips for Improved Healthcare Network Security

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Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, and you may have concerns about the ongoing security of your network and its ability to prevent hackers from stealing your patients’ sensitive and privileged information. As an IT provider that deals with network security issues daily, these are our top five tips for securing your practice’s network:

1.  In any computer system, the weakest link is always the user. Create a workplace culture that promotes network security by conducting frequent and ongoing security trainings, having those in charge set a good example of proper security practices, and holding those who breach security measures accountable.

Our Top 5 Tips for Improved Healthcare Network Security

2.  Set up and maintain a firewall that protects against intrusions and threats from outsiders who might be trying to access your patient data. We can help your practice set up a secure, effective firewall.

3.  Install and rely on comprehensive anti-virus software. No tablet, computer, or technological device should be used by your practice unless it has up-to-date anti-virus software on it.

4.  Sooner or later, the unexpected will happen, and your practice will have to deal with the effects of a flood, fire, or other disaster. Make sure you have sound data backups in place and work with us to devise an efficient recovery plan.

5.  Control who has access to protected health information. For smaller practices, setting file access permission can be done manually, but for larger healthcare entities, role-based access controls should be configured.