Our Dentrix® Support Goes Beyond the Basics

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Henry Schein’s Dentrix® is one of the most popular software management solutions for dental practices. At Reliant Data Solutions, we can provide you with Dentrix® support that helps you leverage the best features of this powerful software solution. We can go beyond the basics and help you discover little-known features of this software that can improve your patient experience, make your practice more productive, and increase the profitability of your daily operations.

Our Dentrix® Support Goes Beyond the Basics

Dentrix® has many features and aspects built in, and you can make the most of those with our Dentrix® support. These include security protections that help enhance your HIPAA compliance and peace of mind. There are convenient options for scheduling patient appointments, managing check-ins to reduce wait times, and easy payment solutions. Other features allow for easier communication with patients, as well as between various members of your team, and document storage that allows you and your patients to access their important personal health information from anywhere.

With our Dentrix® support, you will discover even more features to love in this software. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Dentrix® mobile: If you find yourself in need of accessing patient information from home or needing to communicate with patients remotely, you can do it all with the built-in mobile features.
  • Track gratuities and referrals: Grow your business with more patient referrals, and if you choose to offer gratuities as a thank you for referrals, you can track those as well.
  • Goal tracking: Increase your transparency with your staff by creating goals and tracking them, all within your software.
  • Patient-friendly descriptions: You can create easy-to-understand descriptions of your dental procedures and notes to make it easier for patients to understand their dental history records.
  • More info button: This button is available on almost every screen inside of Dentrix®, and it allows you to get more information about the feature you are currently using quickly and easily.