A Layered Approach to Your Data Backup Provides Ideal Protection

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At Reliant Data Solutions, we are fully aware of what can happen if a key computer crashes, especially in today’s technologically driven workplace. The good news is that there are steps you can take to prevent major losses of information. We recommend a layered approach to your data backup needs. This multi-layer strategy provides ideal, secure protection for the information your business generates and accumulates over time.

A Layered Approach to Your Data Backup Provides Ideal Protection

Automated data backup is ideal because it provides continuous, reliable protection. This automated data backup can occur in two locations simultaneously if desired:

  • Local server or external drive: One of the best things about this type of backup is the capability of providing quick restoration if needed. There are some embedded risks to this type of backup strategy, including the increased likelihood of theft, accidental erasure, introduction of malware, or hardware failure.
  • Backup to the cloud: By using cloud backup options, you avoid the risk of loss that exists in using a local server or external drive. Your information is copied to remote servers that are located in various places. Advantages to this strategy include making your information accessible from just about anywhere, easy data restorations, and decreasing the threat of direct attacks from viruses or ransomware.

No matter how you decide to conduct your data backup, it is imperative that your plan is HIPAA compliant and encrypted to protect the sensitive patient health information that you are storing. This includes health history information and payment information. For personalized options for data backup or other technology and networking needs, turn to us at Reliant Data Solutions.